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嚴震生 教授

國立清華大學通識教育中心    教授
美國普渡大學政治學系     博士
【經歷】 Division of American and European Studies,

Institute of International Relations, 
National Chengchi University Research Fellow, 
Institute of International Relations, 
National Chengchi University Ph.D,
Political Science, the Purdue University.
【網站】 http://cge.gec.nthu.edu.tw/faculty-2.html
【授課】 美國政治、國際時事與英語溝通、第三世界政治、國際組織
【專長】 比較政治、國際關係、美國政治、非洲政治



2023-09-26 9/13-12/27白先勇清華文學講座4-文化的記憶與重建〡台灣篇,敬邀您的熱情參與!
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2023-09-26 9/13-12/27白先勇清華文學講座4-文化的記憶與重建〡台灣篇,敬邀您的熱情參與!
2023-08-31 【9/5(二)14:00-17:00開放式課程系統維護通知】
2023-08-30 程守慶教授複變數函數論課程!
2023-08-14 112學年度第2學期國立清華大學傑出教學助理獲獎名單!
2019-04-16 【9802課程】嚴震生教授國際時事與英語溝通教材!
2014-08-25 【開放式課程】9701至9902參考用書與採購指南!
2014-08-11 【開放式課程問卷調查】優質課程推薦請您踴躍填卷!
2014-08-11 開放式課程、磨課師與高三放心學雲端教室學習新知快訊!
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        Course Description

(一) 幫助學生熟悉國際時事,並擴大視野 

help students to become familiar with international affairs, and expand the horizons
(二) 透過對國際時事的討論,協助學生發展分析能力; 

through the discussion of international affairs, to help students develop the analytical ability;
(三) 協助學生將其所學應用於日常生活的英語溝通中。 

assist students in their learning in everyday life to communicate in English.

Readings will be drawn from newspapers and magazines, academic journals, 

and Internet reports.

        Important Sources  


        Everyone needs to participate in class discussion of reading which relates to the topic. And professor will help students to correct their pronunciation of words, and analysis plain the reading materials. Students can ask questions and participate in discussions at any time while they might be asked to answer questions. Seemingly, interaction will be the main mode in this course. Also, the participation is extremely important, and it will be a large proportion in the grade.

        In order to let student to be familiar with the way of deciding final grade score, the professor will do some discussions two weeks before the end the semester. In this way, students will be able to know their learning results through qualitative examine. And then, they will be able to find way to improve learning results. 

        1. The Economist
        2. The New York Times
        3. The Washington Post
        4. Christian Science Monitor
        5. BBC News



        In the course in this semester, students need to read some materials which is related to six to eight topics. In addition to participation in the discussion in the class, each student also needs to write three or four reports with two page length. And there will be a discussion every two or three weeks. In order to take the timeliness of rapidly changing of international events into account, it is necessary to follow the development of subjects. And the subjects to be discussed cannot be pre-set. The followings are the possible topics: 
Week 1 The politics of repression in China
  What are they afraid of ?

The economy is booming and politics stable. Yet China’s leaders seem edgy.

Week 2 
 Niger Capital Is Calm After Coup 

Niger : When is a Coup not a Coup? The AU’s Dilemma

Week 3
Niger : When is a Coup not a Coup? The AU’s Dilemma 
  Niger : A coup for democracy?
Week 4 Armenian Genocide of 1915: An Overview
Week 5
Congress, Genocide and a Turkish Rift 
  Past imperfect, present tense-Congress reconsiders America’s official position on the 
  Armenian genocide
Week 6 
Next Nobel Peace Prize: Turkey and Armenia?
  Moscow Attack a Test for Putin and His Record Against Terror
Week 7  Dagestan suicide bombings have Russia looking to Putin
Week 8 Dagestan suicide bombings have Russia looking to Putin
  Moscow Attack a Test for Putin and His Record Against Terror
Week 9  The Kremlin’s post-Chechnya challenge
Week10 Using Taiwan Test Scores to Apply to Mainland Universities
 Week11  Taiwan should open its doors to Chinese students, university presidents say
  Taiwan MPs scuffle over Chinese student enrolment
 Week12  The options for a hung parliament 
  who runs Britain?
 Week13  Who runs Britain? 
  British election: What it means for the UK and the US
 Week14  A polity imploding
 Week 15 Review Questions 
  A polity imploding




  • 國際時事討論發展分析the Development of Analysis of International Affairs
  • 兩岸關係cross-straits relations
  • 能源問題energy issues
  • 民主與人權democracy and human rights
  • 轉型正義transitional justice
  • 災難經濟disaster economics


嚴震生 教授

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