第25講 The History of Life on Earth II



24.1 Condition on early Earth made the origin of life possible 
24.2 The fossil record documents the history of life 
24.3 Key events in life’s history include the origin of single-celled
       and multicelled organisms and the coloniztion of land 
24.4 The rise and fall of dominant groups reflect continential drift,
       mass extinctions, and adaptive radiations 
24.5 Major changes in body form can result from changes in the
sequences and regulation of developmental genes 
24.6 Evolution is not goal oriented

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  • 主講者: 李家維 教授
    莊永仁 教授
    焦傳金 教授
  • 上架日期: 2020-08-01
  • 點閱次數: 1677