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【經歷】 中研院歐美所屬期短期研究(2010)
【網站】 http://philos.web.nthu.edu.tw/files/11-1899-83.php
【領域】 價值與實踐、詹姆士、哲學基本問題、心靈哲學專題、梅洛龐蒂論

【專長】 裴爾士對於康德與黑格爾的繼承與批判、心靈現象學、裴爾士的




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生在世,要做人也要做事,因此不可避免會面臨人類社會生活中與「價值」和「實踐」相關的一些極為根本 for sale、極為普遍的問題,這些問題在傳統的分類中基 本上屬於「倫理」與「政治」這兩個範疇...Living in this world, a person must deal with people and things. Therefore, inevitably facing some extremly fundamental and common problems related to the "value" and "practice" of human social life. Basically these problems in traditional classification belong to "ethics" and "politics"; The purpose that both ethics and political philosophy are searching for is the hope that we can review through rational reflection on the moral law and the thinking of moral which we are used to and accept all withought inspecting; the legitimacy and reaconableness of actual operation of the political and social system.


       Course Description

     人生在世,要做人也要做事,因此不可避免會面臨人類社會生活中與「價值」和「實踐」相關的一些極為根本 for sale、極為普遍的問題,這些問題在傳統的分類中基 本上屬於「倫理」與「政治」這兩個範疇;倫理學與政治哲學之探討的一個目的,是希望以理性反思來檢討我們在日常生活中習焉而不察地接受之道德律與對於道德 的想法、以及實際運作之政治與社會制度的正當性與理據。

    本課程的教學內容分成三個單元。第一單元主要是討論規範倫理學的幾個重要派別,包括效益主義、義務論、自然法理論以及德性倫理學,主要是討論「判斷行為之道德對錯牽涉到哪些因素?」的問題;並且也討論了「道德相對論」與「為何我應該遵守道德?」等後設倫理學議題。第二單元討論幾個政治哲學與應用倫理學的議題,包括「經濟資源的分配正義」、「政府應如何產生」、「個人自由的適當範圍」、「遵守法律是否是道德義務」、 「是否有符合正義的戰爭」、「主權國家的道德正當性何在」、「國族主義的根源與道德理據」。課程的第三單元則是讓同學們使用課程前兩單元所論及的概念與主 張來詮釋與檢視下列文學作品中所包含之倫理學與政治哲學主張︰歐威爾的《一九八四》、卡謬的《瘟疫》以及梭羅的《湖濱散記》。 

The course is divided into three units. The first unit is to discuss several important factions of normative ethics, including utilitarianism, deontology, natural law theory, and virtue ethics. Mainly to talk about " What factors are involved in judging whether the acts are morally right or wrong?" and also discuss about meta-ethics issues like "moral relativism" and "Why should I obey moral laws?" Next, the second unit is to discuss several issues of political philosophy and applied ethics, including "the distributive justice of economic resources,"" how to create a goverment,""the approprite amout of personal freedom," "is it a moral obligation to comply with the law," "can there be a just war,""why do sovereign nations have moral legitimacy," and " the root and moral resonableness of nationalism." Finally, the third unit is to allow students using the concepts and ideas in the previous units to interprete and inspect the ethical and politically philosophical view of the following literature: 《1984》by George Orwell’s, 《La Peste》by Albert Camus, and《Walden》by Henry Thoreau.




  The teaching material is a hand-out referred to and compiled from many books.



        Important Sources  


Only some of the references are mentioned in below:


  An Introduction to Political Philosophy, Jonathan Wolff, Oxford University Press, 1996.
♠   Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues, Barbara MacKinnon, Wadsworth, 2001.
♠   The Examined Life: Philosophical Meditations, Robert Nozick, Touchstone, 1989.
♠ 《Walden》, author: Henry Thoreau, translator: Meng,Xiang-Sen, publisher: Laurel Press, 2005
♠ 《1984》, author: George Orwell’s, translator: Wang,Yi-Lin, publisher: 崇文館, 2006
♠ 《La Peste》, author: Albert Camus, translator:, Zhou,Hang-Zhi, publisher: Zhi-Wen press,  




        Teaching Method 

     根據講義講授課程,講課與討論並重;講義會在課前一週公佈於學校提供之課程網頁(http://moodle.nthu.edu.tw/) 以供預習與列印。除了家庭作業,修課同學還必須在課程第三單元的三個主題中選擇兩個來撰寫報告、並且在課堂上摘要報告所撰寫之報告;報告內容不能僅是讀書 摘要或心得,而是要針對所研讀之書籍的內容提出值得解決的問題,然後嘗試根據書中所提供的資源以及其它來源的資源來加以解答。

Lecturing based on the hand-outs, and discussion is equally as important as letures. In the purpose of print and preview, the hand-outs will be uploaded to course website (http://moodle.nthu.edu.tw/) a week before the class. Except for homework, students are required to hand in two reports out of three subjects in unit 3, and make and brief presentation in class. The content should not only be an abstract or reflection, but providing 

some problems connected with the content which are worthy to solve, and try to answer them base on the resources either provided from the book or from other sources.





Unit 1 Issues in Ethics
9/17 1. 道德相對論的理據何在?
9/24 2. 為何我應該遵守道德?
10/01 3. 效益主義與後果論
10/08 4. 義務論
10/15 5. 自然法與自然權利
10/22 6. 德行倫理學與關懷倫理學
10/29 7. 諾奇克(Robert Nozick)論價值(value)與意義(meaning)

9/17 1. What is the reasonableness of moral relativism?
9/24 2. Why should I obey to morla rules?
10/01 3. Utilitarianism and Consequentialism
10/08 4. Deontological Theory
10/15 5. Natural Law and Nature Rights
10/22 6. Moral Ethics and Ethics of Care




Unit 2 Issues in Political Philosophy and Applied Ethics
11/05 1. 經濟上的分配正義︰羅爾斯(John Rawls)的《正義論》
11/12 2.
11/19 3. 對自由加以限制的正當性
11/26 4. 遵守法律是道德義務嗎?論「公民不服從」
12/03 5. 戰爭與和平的倫理學︰論正義戰爭理論
12/10 6. 主權國家的道德正當性
12/17 7.

11/05 1. Distribution Justice in Economics:《A Theory of Justice》by John Rawls
11/12 2. Moral Reasonableness under Democratic System
11/19 3. The right of restrcting freedom
11/26 4. Is it a moral obligation to comply with the law? Discussion about Civil Disobedience
12/03 5. Ethics of war and peace: Discussion about Just War Theory
12/10 6. The moral right of sovereign nations
12/17 7. The root and moral resonableness of nationalism


Unit 3 Issues of Ethics and Political Phylosophy in Literary Works

2/24 1.The extreme of authoritative rule: 《1984》by George Orwell’s
12/31 2.The meaning of life and the love of neighbor: 《La Peste》by Albert Camus

1/07 3. A simple life of accessing to nature:《Walden》by Henry Thoreau



  • 倫理學Ethics
  • 應用倫理學Applied Ethics
  • 政治哲學Political Philosophy


鄭喜恆 教授

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