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Hot Course

Professor CHEN, SHUN-WEN :Social Psychology

【Social Psychology】博雅教育也是大學生必修的課程!由陳舜文教授講授的社會心理學,讓你在瞭解社會如何影響個體之餘,將你訓練出邏輯思考及表達的能力!陳教授同時也對「鄉民文化」瞭若指掌,與學生毫無代溝的溝通、同步地更新社會的變動,「社會心理學」尬「鄉民文化」就在....

Hot Course

Professor Chi-chao Chao:Linear Algebra

【Linear Algebra】Always feel “vector” hard to understand? No longer worrying your math exams, let Professor Chao makes you a standout of Linear Algebra.

Hot Course

Professor CHANG,BAO-TAA : Microeconomics

【Microeconomics 】From the aspect of economics, when the resource is rare, not everyone can get the desirable course resource. NTHU OCW breaks the market rule, let you take the hottest course, Microeconomics I offered by Prof. Bao-Taa Chang! Penetrating explanation, clear illustration, and attracting teaching style, Professor Bao-Taa Chang makes your 3 wishes come true at once. Let Bao-Taa’s profession comfort your heart and enjoy our elaborate course.

Hot Course

Professor KAO, SHU-JUNG : Calculus 1

【Student’s share of Calculus I 】"Prof. Kao’s class is so inspiring!" Chiu said with excitement “I still remember Prof. Kao’s words in the first class: “College is a training program for entering our society, we expect you to learn methodologies to solve problems but not to fixate on the answer to each question.”

Hot Course

Professor HUANG,TSUNG-SHIEW:Thermodynamics of Materials I

[Thermodynamics of Materials I]Professor HUANG,TSUNG-SHIEW helps you learn Thermodynamics of Materials ! Thanks for professor’s contribution of handout, we can learn more efficiently. Professor has collected all the contents, if you can write down the key points of the course and follow the handouts, then you can learn much better.

Hot Course

Professor WU, KUO-AN:General Physics

[General Physics]People are curious about how the surroundings changes with time. How we use physics to figure out the change theory of everything or come out with new ideas based on the systematically observation is the goal of General Physics. But how do we cultivate the ability about logic and methods of research?

Hot Course

ProfessorCHU, HSIAO-HAI :Introduction to Classical Works

Knowledge requires accumulation; for example, it’s fine for senior high school students to know the title of Thirteen Classics and Twenty-Four Histories, while a college students have to learn the books’ most authoritative annotators, some critical common sense about text’s system—there is no reason to move backwards.

Hot Course

ProfessYEH, TING-JEN:Control System I

[Control System I]This course provides the students with basic knowledge in modeling, analysis and design for linear feedback control systems. It begins with reviewing some mathematical fundamentals and introducing block diagrams and signal-flow graphs. Students will then learn how to model mechanical, electrical......

New Lectures

工程 | Circuits and Electronics (I)
自然 | Advanced Calculus II
自然 | Geometry II
工程 | Digital Logic Design
人文 | Philosophy of Education: Idea and Praxis
工程 | Control System II
自然 | Geometry I
工程 | Ultrafast Optics
自然 | Advanced Calculus(I) 
工程 | Diffusion and Phase Transformation
人文 | Introduction to Classical Works
人文 | Continuity and Change in the Chinese History I
自然 | General Physics
人文 | Historical management
人文 | Image in the website of the aesthetic application of visual courses

Hot Course

Calculus I | KAO, SHU-JUNG
Linear Algebra | CHAO, CHI-CHAO
Electric Circuits | PAN, CHING-TSAI
Introduction to Computer Networks | HUANG, NEN-FU
Applied Mathematics I | LIN, HSIU-HAU
Computer Architecture | HWANG, TING-TING
Material Mechanics | YIP, MING-CHUEN
General Physics A (I) | LIN, HSIU-HAU
Microeconomics (I) | CHANG, BAO-TAA
Calculus II | KAO, SHU-JUNG

Hot Digital Book

YEH, TING-JEN / Electrical Machinery (I) / PME 320500 ELECTRIC MACHINERY
LIN, HSIU-HAU / General Physics (I) / L06 simple_harmonic_motion
CHEN,SHUN-WEN / Social Psychology / Social Perception
劉奕汶 / Dreamcatcher “Live Crazy While You are Young”— Dr. Liu, Yi-Wen / [Education Special Interview] Dream catcher “Live Crazy While You are Young”— Dr. Liu, Yi-Wen, Department of Electrical Engineering

Recent Book

葉廷仁 / 10620控制系統二 / 控制系統二課程介紹
吳孟芬 / 獨家播放 / 開放式課程錄製小技巧!
林秀豪 / 2016年科學人雜誌 / 豪豬老師的物理課
朱曉海 / 易程傳易本義補充資料 / 10520古籍導讀

Student notes

中文17 陳同學 / Elementary Korean (I) / L1-L3 Hello! How do you do?/ This is...
中文17 陳懷瑜 / Freshmen English / Freshmen English
中文17陳同學 / Basic Spanish / Basic Spanish
高應大邱毓權 / Calculus-Detailed Notes (Limit, Left Limit and Right Limit) / L02_2.1, 2.2 Definition of Limit: Explain with graphic illustration: Limit, Left Limit and Right Limit
材料14 林岳佑 / Kinetics of materials1-30 / Kinetics of materials1-30
中文17 陳懷瑜 / Psychology and Modern Life / W5Memory
清華材料17劉璦瑜 / Contemporary Cognitive Neuroscience:Brain and Mind / Notes of Brain and Mind
材料14 林岳佑 / Ch9 Price-Learning and Gaining Customer value / Principles of Marketing
高應大邱毓權 / Calculus-Detailed Notes / L31_Partial Fractions (Conti.) (續.部分分式) Ch.10 Vectors and the Geometry of space
中文17陳同學 / Elementary Korean (II) / L17.1 Please put me through to LI,MIN-CHU
高應大邱毓權 / Calculus-Detailed Notes / L04 Mathematics Model of Right and Left Limit, Proof of Limit Exsistence
清華材料17劉璦瑜 / 10310Engineering Mathematics I / 10310 Engineering Mathematics I Notes in Calculus TA class
高應大邱毓權 / Calculus-Detailed Notes / L01_A Syllabus Learning Ways to Solve Problems
高應大邱毓權 / Calculus-Detailed Notes / L07_Limit: Arithmetic and Polynomials
材料14 林岳佑 / Kinetics of materials121-135 / Kinetics of materials121-135

Recent Notes

計小乖 / 10610 Geometry I / 3-3 Gauss curvature in local coordinates
計小乖 / 10610 Geometry I / 3-1 gauss map
計小乖 / 10610 Geometry I / 2-6 X:U}S
計小乖 / 10610 Geometry I / 2-5 on IR3, V1,V2 are two vertors in IR3
計小乖 / 10610 Geometry I / 2-4 A tangent vector to a regular surface
計小乖 / 10610 Geometry I / 2-3 surface,differentiable function on s
計小乖 / 10610 Geometry I / 2-1 A regular curve
計小乖 / 10610 Geometry I / 1-7 Global property of Plane Curve
計小乖 / 10610 Geometry I / 1-5 A regular curve
計小乖 / 10610 Geometry I / 1-3 A parametriged Curve is a map
張嘉容 / 10610 Geometry I / Regular Surfaces
張嘉容 / 10610 Geometry I / The Geometry of Gaus Map
張嘉容 / 10610 Geometry I / Curves
廖家緯 / 師大高等微積分一 / 2.2 Limit Theorems
廖家緯 / 師大高等微積分一 / 2.1 Limits of Sequence