♣ 10502古籍導讀第7A講後是否有7B呢? 

                        If you find some videos missing, please inform us. We will detect them as soon as possible!

                    ♣ Example: 10502 Introduction to Classical Works, should there be 7B after 7A?

we have uploaded all of the course videos. The lectures are mainly based on professors' lecturing. If you think that there might be some missing chapters, it may be because the emphasis of every department is different and the lecture time is precious. In addition, maybe you can query the Taiwan OCW Consortium and find out if there are other colleges providing relevant coureses to help your learning. 

確實有些愛心課程影片音檔偏小,後製部分我們已經調整到最大了! 若需提點部分請您協助告知,謝謝您!


Certainly the audio files of some course videos are too small because they are generously donated videos. We have adjusted the audio to the maximum in post-production. If there are still things you want to mention, please inform us, thank you!


If you have high-quality course recommendations, please fill out the [online questionnaire], which can be used as a reference for future invitations. 


Professors who have received outstanding teaching award and large class teaching are the priority of course invitations. The rest of recommendation will be evaluated and then conducted.


NTHU OCW YOUTUBE 頻道,我們會將相關資料轉知給授課老師,您的肯定是老師教學前進的動力!

If there are any learning experiences you want to share with us, you can leave a comment to [OCW Discussion] or [NTHU OCW] YouTube channel. We will transfer the relevant information to the professors. Your feedback is the driving force for the teacher's teaching progress!


【承辦 單位】 【查詢網址】 【業務說明】
教務處 進修推廣學院  http://sce.site.nthu.edu.tw 進修學分班.學位學程.推廣教育課程.國際生獎助學金.雙聯學位.國內大學交換
教務處 招生策略中心 https://is.gd/3U0GY5 清華大學全校在職專班相關資訊
科管院 高階經理管理碩士在職專班 http://mba.nthu.edu.tw 科技管理EMBA.MBA.MPM之相關課程
工學院 工工系碩士在職專班 http://iem.site.nthu.edu.tw 全球供應鏈與運籌管理、計量財務、電子商務等整合學程



Questions about on-the-job training, maybe you can inquire the following divisions, thank you!


Divisions   Website Business
Office of Academic Affairs School of Continuing Education http://sce.site.nthu.edu.tw/ continuing education, international student scholarship,dual-degree program, exchange students
Office of Academic Affairs
Division of Admissions
http://adms.web.nthu.edu.tw/files/11-1072-3110.php?Lang=zh-tw In-service Master Program
College of Technology Management Master of Business Administration http://mba.nthu.edu.tw/ Master of Business Administration,EMBA,MPM
Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management IEEM in-service master's program http://iem.site.nthu.edu.tw/ In-service Master Program



清華大學開放式課程平台提供服務與系統操作】 可參閱以下連結,清華大學致力於人才培育回饋社會 !頂尖大學的師資我們無償上傳,讓您在家就能上大學,歡迎您多加使用喔!


About how to use NTHU OCW, you can refer to the following link:
     NTHU dedicated to train talent and contribute to the society. We provide the outstanding teachers' courses of top university without any fee! You can freely watch the enriched courses we've uploaded, just like studying in the university at home! You are welcome to use!

倘若系統平台與網路不穩時,您可以至【NTHU OCW YOUTUBE EDU頻道】局部授權課程之教學影片,謝謝!


  If the website is unstable, you can go to NTHU OCW YouTube Channel to watch the partially authorized course videos. Thank you!





If you have suggestions for new website functions, please email us or leave a comment on the [Discussion Area]. This can help us consolidate and develop a more friendly UI interface in the future. Thank you for the valuable suggestions!





                       If possible, please provide specific information to help us make corrections. Thanks for your help!

                    Example: 10801Reasoning in an Economic Way I, lecture 1, no sound at about 2:30.

此部分尊重授課老師的意願 !清華學子或許您可以查詢圖書館網站租借紙本書籍,或是查詢【電子資源查詢系統】進行線上電子書的學習,讓您通往知識的殿堂暢行阻、邁向國際頂尖大學時差 !!

                  We respect profesors' wishes in this part. If you are NTHU's students, you may check the library and borrow the books. Or you can check the E-Resources Gateway for online e-book reading.




                   Here are the collections of required textbooks from the professors and purchasing channels from 9701 to 10501. Hope this can help your purchasing. Thank you!




If you have any questions about learning, you can leave a comment on the [Discussion Area]. We didn't hire teaching assistant to help you solve your learning problems. But occasionally, there will be some enthusiastic classmates answering your questions. Thanks for sharing!




Sorry, we didn’t provide course certificate and credit transfer!
NTHU OCW is purely an auxiliary learning platform which provide students to preview and review. Therefore, there are no course certificate and credit transfer service.